Dear Daisy

So I know I promised to post more often but after four years of high school the time for college comes in and in between that you have to actually apply for college and since I'm not part of the one percent of the United States I have to find money to go to college. This time I wont promised but I will post more often I now have everything to make a blog successful and for you guys to enjoy it a lot more. In the Mean while you guys can check out my Tumblr Star Of Thorns for easier updates and inspirations, since tumblr offers an android app its easier for me to create post.


Heather Dot

Just a normal tuesday night i.e. tuning in to FOX to watch Glee and New Girl who doesn't love the quirky Zooey Deschanel or the awesome tunes from glee! Its kinda chilly here in Houston so what's better than a slouchy sweater and polka dots tights and a pair of crisp white chucks?


Silver Heart

Hey there, here's what I promised you can see how much I've changed but don't worry the inside of me hasn't change and will never change I'm still the same girl.



Hey guys so I finally came around to doing and actual post, its been mildly cold here in Houston, so shorts  are still wearable. But I'm too much of a chicken to wear shorts during winter, I shot this pictures like almost a year ago you guys have no idea how much I've changed. Will be posting recent pictures soon.

Rays of light

Sorry for the lack of posting but I've been busy with college applications and scholarship essays and AP Homework but I promise I will do a real post one day this week.


Forgive me

I know I promised that I was going to update more but I dont know where my head has been I'm sorry but now I can update with my phone so it will be easier!



Hello! Im back you guys missed me?, because I sure did its being a long time since i haven't posted right. I took some time off I guess you can say that I've been extremely busy...but I will start posting more often I promise.


Hey guys stuck here in school trying to do work but Im really distracted...well Im kinda blah I dont even feel like walking thats how blah Im... ADIOS guys will post later.
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Hey I got its a cute collection but the materials look kinda fake.except this one
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Gillian zinser

Hey guys have you met her... She has an awesome style and the best beach hair ever really amazing don't you think
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